From Main Street to More Unusual Risks…We’ve Got You Covered

Tennessee’s business-friendly environment allows your business to flourish.

For some types of businesses, every insurance agent seems to want to insure you.

That’s great for you.

Be sure to take the time to have additional quotes periodically. That way you know you’re written correctly should the unexpected occur.

Is it really worth the time to get an insurance review? Yep!

  • If you’re over insured, you’re paying too much.
  • If you’re under insured, can you afford to take the financial hit?

For other folks who turn passion into a profession, sometimes it’s difficult to find affordable, comprehensive coverage. Perhaps you’re the only one in the area that provides a particular good or service. You feel like your agent doesn’t understand you.

Because we write in fourteen states, you won’t be alone…we likely write a similar business to yours. We understand your concerns and provide the coverages you need.

We offer cost-effective and comprehensive insurance programs to protect a variety of businesses in Middle Tennessee, East Tennessee and West Tennessee…

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Workers Compensation
  • Bonds

Just Like You Take Care of Your Clients, We Can Take Care of Your Business Insurance

You’re proud of the products and services you offer your customers.

A critical part of your business plan is having the correct business insurance to protect you, your customers, your employees and your assets when the unexpected occurs.

Please call or email Kevin Morency if you have any questions.

By taking the time to discuss your needs, he can tailor an affordable business insurance solution that provides the coverages you need to protect your business.