Manufacturing Insurance

Small and mid-size manufacturing operations provide essential products to consumers and businesses.

If you and your team have been in operation for at least three years and demonstrate pride in workmanship, we offer a cost-effective and comprehensive insurance program for a variety of operations:

We have the insurance manufacturing companies need to protect against potential business interruptions including:

  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Business Auto
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Liability
  • Special Events
  • Bonds – including Surety Tax Bonds

Manufacturing Insurance Program Highlights

  • General Liability
    • Products and Completed Operations
    • Premises Liability
    • Damages to Property Rented To You (Fire Legal)
    • Medical Payments
    • World-Wide Product Liability – provides coverage if a product your company produces causes damages or injury anywhere in the world and a lawsuit is brought in our jurisdiction
  • Property
  • Crime
  • Inland Marine
  • Auto Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella

Available Coverages:

  • Product Withdrawal Liability
  • Manufacturer’s Selling Price  Endorsement
  • Manufacturer’s Property Extension Endorsement
    • Full Coverage on Patterns, Dies, Molds or Jigs
    • Precious Metals – $25,000 theft limitation
  • Manufacturer’ Errors and Omissions
    • Costs to redo faulty work (includes cost of labor and materials)
    • Damages for faulty workmanship, materials, or products which may include design
    • Losses to a third party from faulty work which includes financial and production losses that can be directly attributed to the faulty work
  • Business Income Insurance (with Extra Expense) – Actual Loss Sustained – 12 month limitation
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)
  • Inflation Guard Protection on Buildings
  • Employees as Additional Insureds (auto coverage)
  • Utility Services Overhead Transmission Lines Coverage (Direct Damage & Time Element)
  • CyberOne
    • Insures for events that damage or degrade insured’s data and systems
    • Pays defense and liability costs for an insured’s systems security failure, including the breach of third party business information
  • Data Compromise
    • Insures data breach, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of personal information
    • Helps insured to be compliant with breach notification laws and requirements
    • Offers services to affected individuals such as credit monitorings
    • Pays defense and liability costs for actions brought by affected individuals as a result of a breach of personal information
  • TechAdvantage Equipment Breakdown
    • Microelectronics Coverage – when physical damage isn’t detectable but equipment suddenly stops functioning
    • Cloud Computing Service Interruption – waiting period, sublimit and deductible apply
    • Service Interruption Data Restoration – waiting period, sublimit apply
    • Off Premises – Property Damage, Business Income, Extra Expense & Data Restoration Coverage
    • Public Relations Coverage – applies if loss of business income (Sublimit – $5,000)
  • Water Back Up – up to $250,000 limits available per location per policy
Plus Pak Endorsement Available for Property:

  • Accounts Receivable – $250,000
  • Attached Outdoor Signs – included
  • Change in Temperature or Humidity – $50,000
  • Debris Removal – $50,000
  • Detached Outdoor Signs – $10,000
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment & Software – $25,000
  • Employee Theft – $5,000
  • Extra Expense – $25,000
  • Fine Arts – $25,000
  • Fire Department Service Charge – $250,000
  • Fire Extinguisher System Recharge Expense – no dollar limitation
  • Forgery or Alteration – $5,000
  • Lock Replacement – $2,500
  • Money and Securities – $5,000
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Property – up to $1,000,000 building / up to $500,000 personal property (30 days)
  • Off-Premises Utility Failure – Water supply, communication supply, or power excluding overhead lines
  • Ordinance or Law
  • Outdoor Fences – included
  • Outdoor Property – $10,000 ($500 limit per tree, shrub or plant
  • Peak Season – 80% coinsurance required (increased to 50%)
  • Personal Effects – $25,000
  • Property of Others – $25,000
  • Pollutant Clean Up and Removals – $25,000
  • Portable Tools – $25,000 ($5,000 limit to you or any employee)
  • Premises Boundary – 1,000 feet
  • Property at Fairs or On Exhibition – $50,000
  • Property in Transit in or on a Vehicle Owned, Leased or Rented by Insured – $25,000
  • Property in Custody of Sales Representative – $25,000
  • Property Off Premises – $100,000 (up to 90 days)
  • Rewards – $25,000
  • Spoilage – $10,000
  • Valuable Papers and Records (other than electronic data) – $250,000

Plus Pak Endorsement Available for Liability:

  • Broadened Supplementary Payments – $1,000 bail bonds; $300/day other expenses
  • Building Owner as Additional Insured – may be added at no charge
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You – $300,000
  • Extended Non-owned Watercraft – up to 51 feet
  • Stop Gap Liability
  • Voluntary Property Damage – $2,500
  • Bodily Injury Redefined – includes mental anguish
  • Liberalization Clause – included

Affordable Insurance Coverage

Our specialty business insurance coverage offers convenient, no interest payment options with flexible payment terms. So it’s easier to manage your bottom line.

Flexible Payment Terms—Pay as little as monthly

Choose the payment option that fits your budget. Because sometimes a smaller monthly payment is easier on you.

  • Annual
  • Semi-annual
  • Quarterly
  • Down payment plus 9 equal payments (10 payments)
  • Monthly (12 payments)

Convenient, No Interest Payment Options

Pick the method that works best for you…

  • Electronic funds transfer—$1 fee per installment
  • Online or by phone—$7 fee per installment
  • Charge to credit card—$7 fee per installment

Prefer to Manage Only One Bill?

Complete coverage may be available for your business insurance needs in one comprehensive insurance package.

Call or email Kevin Morency today and receive a quick turnaround on your quote.

Note: Some payment options may not be available in all states.

    • Incidental painting, dipping, plating, or coating operations require NFPA-approved spray booth with explosion-proof wiring
    • Finished products or products under insured’s own label requires closer underwriting review
    • Operations where insured’s employees provide design and engineering services require closer underwriting review

Preferred Characteristics

      • Three or more years of successful operations
      • Employs a regular workforce
      • Active Early Return to Work
      • Formal written safety programs, including use of appropriate OSHA-mandated safety measures
      • Specific policies relating to proper machine guarding and lockout/tagout measures
      • Maintains comprehensive safety and training program that outlines expectations
      • Provides regular safety and job training to all employees consistent with size and scope of the business
      • Excellent housekeeping practices
      • Enforces a no-smoking policy throughout the facilities
      • Equipped with appropriate theft, fire and smoke detection alarm systems
      • Production areas and warehouses separated by self-closing, UL-approved fire doors and/or fire wall
      • Storage areas should meet NFPA standards
      • UL-approved storage cabinets for flammable and explosive materials
      • Building originally constructed for current occupancy or appropriately updated to support it
      • No prior history of product liability claims
      • Comprehensive quality control and product tracking/monitoring procedures in place
      • Formal product recall program
      • Maintains industry certifications or accreditations (ISO, ASQ, etc.)
      • Installation exposures, if any, are minimal

Please call (615-452-4532) or email Kevin Morency if you have any questions or to set up an appointment for a free comprehensive review of your insurance.

By taking the time to discuss your needs, he can tailor an affordable business insurance solution that provides the coverages you need to protect your business.